How to Start a Knitting Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

Knitting is all the rage after many years of sitting quietly in the background. Your child can make the most of the great yarns and ideas out there and make some money at the same time!

There are a couple of ways to approach a knitting business. Your child can make items “to order” or come up with a listing of items that you enjoy making well and market just those items.

Have your child follow the tips below for a great start to this fun business:

Determine your pricing by evaluating your costs. How much does the yarn cost you? Are there any other costs involved? How much time does the project take to make? The answers to these questions will help to determine your selling price. At the very least, you’ll want to charge double the cost of your yarn to insure that you’re making a profit.

Start knitting. If you’re looking to sell scarves, for instance, make several in different colors and styles and start wearing them everywhere. Give a few to close friends and family to wear for you with the idea that they’ll pass on your name when someone asks them “Where did you get that fabulous scarf?”

Make up flyers with pictures of your products and start to pass them around. Give people an idea of your turn around time and let them know that you can customize your work to their specifications – colors, length, type of yarn, etc.

Try some new yarns and looks so that you have unique offerings for your customers. Often you’ll get repeat business if you show off your newest creations to your older customers first.

As your business grows you can start selling on the Internet via eBay or other online shopping sites. Or build your own website and promote your work there. The possibilities are endless!

This site is intended only for adults only. This website is for adults to help their children start a business.

Of course, we can't guaranteee that you'll make money. We strongly recommend you contact your local SBA chapter, get Legal advice, and talk to an Accountant before starting a business.

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