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Family Business Idea for Kids & Teens

Your Kids can help YOU with your Direct Sales business and you can pay them for it.

Did you know that if you have dependent children who are older than 7 years old and younger than 18, you can pay them tax free to them and write off their pay as a legitimate home business tax deduction? As long as you are paying them for actual work done, and your business is unincorporated (most independent contractor relationships are not incorporated) you can pay them up to $4,750 annually. This is a phenomenal way realize some great tax breaks for your personal income tax, create a wonderful opportunity for you to be creative in helping your children business skills and really help you in streamlining your direct sales work time. Ultimately it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Now, I know many moms may be thinking, “But one of the reasons I do my direct sales business is because I want some time away from my kids.”

I’m not saying you need to drag your kids with you to your parties or workshops. My encouragement is for you to take the time that you’re home with them anyway and put your children to work. The hourly wages you’ll be paying them will be motivation enough for most kids to say,

“Let’s get to work, Mom.”

Ways your little ones can help with your direct sales business:

Hostess packets:

This is the perfect job for the younger kids. Use the couch and lay out each element of the hostess packet in order with the envelopes at the end of the line. Instruct them to take one of each item, stack it on top of each other and place in one envelope.

Older kids can be responsible for printing out intro letters and other items that need to be photocopied, etc.

Customer mailings:

Again, the younger set can put mailing labels onto the envelopes and older ones can print and fold the newsletters, etc. Your “A” scholars can even be responsible for creating the newsletter from the information you give them… or if you really want to let go of some responsibility and give them a great opportunity to learn and grow, give them FULL control of your monthly communication with your customers.

Packing for your shows/workshops:

Create a detailed checklist and let them pack for you. I know, I know…it’s a risk at first, but you can always check over everything after they’ve gone to bed to make sure you’re not missing anything!

Checkbook and deposits:

What a great way to take those math skills and put them to practical use. And the bank corrects their work!

Database management:

Admit it, Mom, these days most children know more about computers than we do – and we’re glad! Let your kids update your customer and downline databases and keep them current for you. Talk about freedom!

Believe it or not, this is just scratching the surface of what your children can be doing. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have your young ones earning a nice income (so much better than the local pizza joint!) and working with you!

Just remember, have them keep a time card and pay them regularly, not just in one lump sum at the end of the year. Do some research online and check with your tax accountant to confirm all the details but start on January 1st and within a few months you’ll have a tremendous system in place that will work like a well-oiled family machine.

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Would you like to learn how to involve your kids into YOUR Direct Sales Business?

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