How to Start an In-Home Elderly Care Business

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Serving the Elderly

Here’s a needful job that often gets overlooked.  Elderly folk in retirement homes and assisted living centers often need errands run, dogs let out, cat litter boxes changed and the like.  Here’s a way to get this service business up and going at a nearby home or center.

1.  Make a list of possible jobs that you can do to serve the folks at the center.  Here are some that are definite:

Dog Walking
Cat litter box cleaning
Fish bowl cleaning or small rodent cage cleaning
Watering plants and flowers
Scrubbing floors
Carrying up laundry from the center laundry room
Carrying down laundry so they can do it
Doing loads of laundry for them
Running quick grocery errands… picking up milk, eggs, etc
Bathroom cleaning
Window washing
Other misc. cleaning of their apartment

2.  Take some time and think through the items on the list that you might like to do for your business.

3.  With that list in hand, start making a flyer to promote what you’ll be doing.

4.  Look at your schedule and determine the days and hours you can work on your business.  For instance, Tuesdays, from 3-6pm you’ll be at the first center doing jobs for various people, Thursdays from 2-5 you’ll be at the other center doing their jobs, etc.

5.  Decide on your rates of service.  How much do you want to make per hour?  Jobs like Dog walking will be shorter, whereas laundry, scrubbing floors, etc, will take more time and therefore command a higher dollar amount.

6. Contact the activity director or social director at your local retirement center or home.  Ask to set up an appointment with them to discuss some work you’d like to do for the residents of their community.

7. Work with the director to establish the days that you’ll be available to the residents and then work with them to create a sign up sheet for services needed during the time slots.  Make sure you collect the money at the time you perform the services.

This site is intended only for adults only. This website is for adults to help their children start a business.

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