How to Start a Door to Door Flyer Delivery Service Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

Flyer bag delivery service

Here’s a great business that has some fabulous income potential for your kids if done right… a flyer delivery service.

Coordinating this marketing effort for other local businesses is a win win for them and the business. They’re getting their name out to potential new customers and your child is creating income by providing a needed service.

This business is actually pretty easy to get going if you and your child have the right contacts. It might take a bit longer if you need to find people to participate. Here are some tips for your child to get this simple business going:

Your goal with this business is to find local businesses to pay you to deliver their flyers to the homes in your surrounding neighborhoods.

By finding several businesses, you can put together door bags of information from groups of businesses so you’re making one delivery trip but earning money from several businesses instead of just one.

First, determine your delivery area. Decide what’s reasonable for you as far as delivery goes. Can you bike a bit further away to reach more homes? Do you drive or have access to transportation so you’re able to go even further. Do some research to find out how many homes are in the general area to which you’ll be delivering.

Next you’ll want to start contacting the businesses in your area. Don’t just concentrate on storefront companies, but contact local home based business moms as well – like Tupperware and Pampered Chef ladies as well. They often are looking or inexpensive advertising options.

Set your price based on your delivery area and how much time you think it will take you to deliver to those homes. The businesses will be paying for their own flyer creation and then paying you your fee to do the deliveries. Factor in the cost of any door hanger bags (check online for good prices on these) when you’re determining your pricing.

Make your own flyer to include in your delivery bag! This will be a great way for you to get new business too!

Limit the amount of flyers in the bags. You don’t want so much that the recipients just throw the bags away without looking at the flyers. 10-15 flyers per bag is probably a good number.

Have each business print up enough flyers for the amount of homes you’ll plan to deliver to. Set a flyer pick up date with each business and a guaranteed delivery date as well so the businesses know when to expect the phone calls as a result of the campaign.

Send out thank you notes to your advertisers and always give them first chance at your next round of deliveries.

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