How to Start a Raking Leaves Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

With some arm muscle and a rake your child can start a fun, healthy and financially profitable business in your neighborhood this fall!

Here are some tips to get your child started on this easy money making business:

1. Buy a rake. Ok, so that sounds a bit too simple doesn’t it? But let’s face it, you need a good rake if you want to do a good job so take some of your savings and invest in a rake that’s going to last for the long haul.

2. Promote yourself. Here’s where it gets fun. Create a snazzy flyer and print it up on fall colored paper. Make your flyer inviting and informative but don’t spill all the beans. You want your potential customers to call you for specifics so you can secure the deal person to person. Some details you might want to include on the flyer:

a. Your name (pretty important)

b. Your phone number (ok, I know, we’re just a little too logical here but some people do forget this!)

c. What you’re going to offer. Here you can say something like, ‘Weekly leaf maintenance” or “Will rake, bag and haul your leaves this fall”, etc.

d. Price point. Statements like “weekly service starting at $___” will give you some flexibility to change your pricing based on the individual situation. For instance, Mr. A’s yard may be very small but Mr. B’s yard might be huge and have 10 trees that drop leaves like raindrops. So make sure you give yourself some flexible pricing options.

3. Determine your schedule so when your potential customers call you can inform them of when you’re available to work.

4. Start passing out the flyers. The personal touch is always best and chances are your neighbors will actually read your flyer if you hand it to them in person rather than just dropping it off on the doorknob. And remember, it’s illegal to leave a flyer without postage in someone’s mailbox, so don’t even go there.

5. Write up a contract. Though not legally binding, a simple contract will give your small business a more professional appearance. Talk with your parents about the details but you want to spell out clearly what you’re going to do for your customers so their expectations aren’t greater that what you plan to provide.

This site is intended only for adults only. This website is for adults to help their children start a business.

Of course, we can't guaranteee that you'll make money. We strongly recommend you contact your local SBA chapter, get Legal advice, and talk to an Accountant before starting a business.

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