How to Start a Vacation Valet Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

Vacation valet.

A simple job for your child that can turn into much more is to offer vacation valet services to your neighbors. A great short-term job that he or she can work completely around a school and extra-curricular schedule, vacation valet services is a great way to get your child into the entrepreneurial spirit.

Here are some tips for him or her on getting started.

1. Think through the services you want to offer your vacationing neighbors. Talk with your parents to see which of the following they are comfortable with you doing on a regular basis:

a. Mail and package retrieval – offer to hold the vacation goers mail and packages rather than having them put a vacation hold with the Post Office.

b. Newspaper retrieval – same as above

c. Garbage can duty – bring the cans to the curb on trash day and return them to their spot after the trash is collected.

d. Pet Care – feed the fish, hamsters or other generally self sufficient pets that don’t require full pet sitting services

e. Evening light service – turn on and off lights to help the appearance of someone being “home”

d. Snow removal in winter – making the house look lived in while they are away, removing snow from the driveway, cars and sidewalks.

2. Make up flyers listing your vacation valet services. Flyers look great when they’re on fun bright colored paper with clear fonts and not too much information. Invite them to call you for the details.

3. Determine your price points. Perhaps a per day rate or a per job rate, depending on their needs. On your flyers you could put a comment like, “prices starting at ____ a day” so they’re aware of your general pricing but you’re not locked in.

4. Hand out your flyers to your neighbors personally. Don’t just leave your flyers on the doors, but walk up to the door, ring the bell and introduce yourself and your service. Your neighbors will be more likely to use your valet services if they have seen you face-to-face and talked with you about what you’ll be doing.

5. Always write up a contract when someone hires you. Specify the dates they’ll be gone and the services you’ll be performing on those days and when as well as the specific pricing per day or job. Be specific on your contract so you and they are clear on what is being discussed. Make sure both you and your neighbor have a copy of the contract signed by both of you so there are no misunderstandings, etc.

The vacation valet service is a great launching pad for other jobs with your neighbors. When you prove yourself with this short-term job, they’ll likely call you again for other services you might offer in the future.

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