Start a Summer Camp Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

This is a really fun idea. If you have a large house or a building that you can rent, instead of babysitting one or two kids at a time, run a summer camp business. You set the number of kids and  you set the rules.

The advantages of this over other types of babysitting are pretty obvious.

  1. You can do teamwork with some friends and have fun with your camp.
  2. You can have your parents help for even more support.
  3. You have activities planned for every minute of the day so you don’t have bored, restless kids.
  4. You have outdoors areas to run.
  5. You can have a larger number of kids (meaning a larger number of potential babysitting jobs in the future.)

So, how do you do it? Plan, plan, plan. This can be a family activity (parents and teens run it together) which would allow for more field trips, trips to the park, etc.

Do you need activities to do with your camp kids? Check out

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