Start a Dog Grooming Business

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

Does your teen love dogs? Then a small dog grooming business might just be the ticket to start them off on their entrepreneurial journey.

Relatively easy to start, the dog grooming business will thrive with word of mouth referrals so the most important thing (beyond understanding that they’ll probably get pretty wet doing dog baths) is that he provides excellent customer service to customers so they’ll recommend and refer him.

Obviously, your teen will want to start with some friends and neighbors who have dogs. The best bet would be for him to spend some time playing with the animal and getting to know it well before he attempts the grooming process, so there’s a bit of preparation before the actual work starts. But it’s easy… your teen can start by offering to walk the friend’s dog, play with it and brush it with the intent of taking the dog on as a grooming client down the road.

One he’s developed some doggie rapport, it’s time to work out the financial details with your prospective clients. Create a rate sheet for the various services you’ll provide: washing, brushing, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, etc.

Your teen could even go so far as to take a dog grooming course through a local organization or online to develop his skills even more.

As your clientele builds, you can branch out and even start a mobile dog grooming service, saving your customer time and headaches of either having to take the dog to another location or doing the messy job themselves.

Positives of Pet Grooming
Low start up costs
Can be calming to brush animals

Negatives of Dog Walking
If you’re not an animal lover, pass on this one.
Not for those with animal allergies
Not all animals WANT to be groomed.

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