House Care

Business Idea for Kids & Teens

House Care businesses are easy to start and can be quite profitable. Your kid can start by bringing in garbage cans every week for a neighbor and then grow the business to offer many services.

Spring Cleaning Business – When the weather starts to turn warm, folks start to realize they need some cleanup done around the outside of their house and it’s a perfect opportunity for your kids to provide a service and make some money at the same time!

Vacation Valet – A form of house-sitting for customers who go on vacations.

Window Washing

Other businesses that fit well with House Care are Yard Care and Snow Shoveling. Cross-sell a raking business to your happy house care customers.

This site is intended only for adults only. This website is for adults to help their children start a business.

Of course, we can't guaranteee that you'll make money. We strongly recommend you contact your local SBA chapter, get Legal advice, and talk to an Accountant before starting a business.

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